“Behind a minimalist exterior, Duality conceals a treasure chest of instrumental performances, and has an identity of its own”

Jazz Magazine (Duality)

“(Music) without labels... balance between fragility and tellurism, between melodies that stay in your head and rhythms that make you want to move... a focused emphasis on the sound production, with an enchanting result”

Jazz News (Duality)

“Hauntingly clear melodies… (Duality makes us imagine that) a new pop, where polyrhythm, odd bars and complex structures could become the norm”

Batterie Magazine (Duality)

“A clearly innovative disc”

Starwax (Duality)

“Karl is a melodist without blinders or prejudices…A personal music to which one attaches very quickly”

Citizen Jazz (Duality)

“Uplifting and energized, grounded and ethereal”

FIP (Duality)

“Colorful and luminous landscapes”

Art District (Duality)


“An enchanting crossroads between cosmic pop and hypnotic jazz”

Télérama (On The Brighter Side)

“Karl has surpassed aesthetic boundaries… happiness, light and a cure of well-being”

Froggy’s Delight (On The Brighter Side)

“Personal universe… dreamy wide open spaces… balance of forms and harmony”

Citizen Jazz (On The Brighter Side)

“Enlightened pop, luminous jazz”

Jazz Around (On The Brighter Side)

“The voice is the medium of reverie for the composer, drummer and sound sculptor.”

Culture Jazz (On The Brighter Side)


“(His compositions are) the fruit of a personal imagination… the groove is as massive as it is creative”

Les Inrocks (Midseason)


Paris Capitale (Midseason)

“Poetic bubbles with varied and contagious rhythms”

Musique Buissonnières (Midseason)

“(Karl’s) odd way of drumming pop rhythms give his music a flagrant originality.”

Chroniques de Monsieur L'Ouïe (Midseason)

Refined, ethereal songs with sophisticated arrangements”

Nouvelle Vague (Midseason)


“Oddly familiar music with hints of pop and jazz intelligently weaved.“

Dernières Nouvelles du Jazz (The Halfway Tree)

“Ubiquitous drummer, inspired composer, poetic album”

Les Echos (The Halfway Tree)

“Atypical disc of music that vibrates like a poplar tree caressed by a breeze more violent than it seems”

France Inter "Encore un Matin" (The Halfway Tree)


“Not entirely jazz… not entirely pop… Karl Jannuska’s music has no equivalent. Beautiful and subtle.”

Le Monde (Streaming)

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