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KARL Jannuska

photo : Julie Wolsztynski

photo : Julie Wolsztynski

10 things to know about

karl jannuska :


1) Karl’s 6th album “On The Brighter Side” featuring Cynthia Abraham was released November 22, 2018 and is available here: STREAM or BUY

2) Born and raised in the province of Manitoba, Canada, Karl has since lived in Montreal, New Orleans, Brooklyn and has been based in Paris, France since 2001.

3) He started drumming on pots and pans when he was five years old and got his first drum set at the age of seven simultaneously taking rudimental snare drum lessons and playing along to ZZ Top cassettes.

4) Karl’s drumming can be heard on over a hundred recordings. He has recorded / performed with musicians including Lee Konitz, Brad Mehldau, Lionel Loueke, Kurt Rosenwinkel and performs regularly with roughly a dozen bands including Matthis Pascaud, Meta, Olivier Bogé and Toine Thys.

5) Prior to “On The Brighter Side”, Karl has made five other recordings - all of which are entirely comprised of his own original music: Liberating Vines, Thinking in Colours (both instrumental) and Streaming, The Halfway Tree and Midseason feature the Canadian singer Sienna Dahlen.

6) He co-leads the band The Watershed with Christophe Panzani, Pierre Perchaud and Tony Paeleman. Together they make adventurous, improvised music and run a label called Shed Music.

7) He has a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance from McGill University in Montreal.

8) Karl is a die-hard Detroit Tigers baseball fan. His song Midseason Rise is about their 2012 World Series run. 

9) He has won several awards for his music including an Opus award for his debut recording and an Etoiles Galaxie Prize at the Montreal Jazz Festival for best composition. Karl has been a runner-up two times at the International Songwriting Competition.   

10) Karl’s homemade granola is out of this world !

plus d'infos (en français) : Wikipedia

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“TT - envoûtant cheminement entre pop cosmique et jazz sous hypnose”

Télérama (On The Brighter Side)

“(Karl) a dépassé les frontières esthétiques… du bonheur, du soleil, une cure de bien-être”

Froggy’s Delight (On The Brighter Side)

“la voix est le vecteur des rêves de celui qui est ici le compositeur, le batteur et l’agenceur sonore”

Citizen Jazz (On The Brighter Side)

“univers personnel… onirisme des grands espaces et de la profondeur intérieure… équilibre des formes et harmonie”

Culture Jazz (On The Brighter Side)

“pop éclairée… jazz lumineux”

Jazz Around (On The Brighter Side)


"(ses compositions sont) le fruit d'une imagination personnelle (elles) élaborent un microcosme à la féerie euphorisante dont le groove aussi massif qu'inventif...forme la puissante charpente."

Les Inrocks (Midseason)



Paris Capitale (Midseason)


"bulles poétiques aux rythmes changeants et entêtants... 

Musique Buissonnières (Midseason)


"Une pop étrange et planante… sa drôle de façon de taper les rythmes pop lui donnent une originalité flagrante."

Chroniques de Monsieur L'Ouie (Midseason)


"Chansons délicates aux ambiances éthérées et aux arrangements sophistiqués" 

Nouvelle Vague (Midseason)


"Une musique étrangement familière, aux accents de pop et de jazz intelligemment métissés" 

Dernières Nouvelles du Jazz (The Halfway Tree)


"Batteur incontournable…compositeur inspiré…disque poétique" 

Les Echos (The Halfway Tree)


"un disque atypique dont la musique vibre comme le frisson d'un peuplier caressé par une brise plus violente qu'il n'y paraît"

France Inter "Encore un Matin" (The Halfway Tree)


"Pas complètement jazz, mais avec les instruments du genre, pas complètement pop, mais avec une chanteuse qui en a le phrasé, la musique de Jannuska… n'a pas vraiment d'équivalent. Belle et subtile"

Le Monde (Streaming)


OTBS cover.jpg

On The Brighter Side

Music and lyrics by Karl Jannuska featuring French vocalist Cynthia Abraham

Hypnotic drum grooves create a foundation for ethereal melodies that are simultaneously familiar and foreign. Acoustic and digital sounds weave together forming melancholic major chords while the lyrics orbit around the theme of happiness and the eternal search for a life on the brighter side.

Released Nov 22, 2018 on the Shed Music label

Mixed & mastered by Tony Paeleman

Cover design inspired by a traditional First Nations Star Blanket.

To listen, purchase, see lyrics and additional information about this album or to see Karl’s previous releases, go here : BANDCAMP

upcoming COncerts


6, 7 : Sophie Alour @ La Gare, Paris

7 : Toine Thys Trio @ Jazz in t Park, Ghent, Belgium

28 : Shed Music Presents The Watershed & On The Brighter Side @ Sunset, Paris


5 : Toine Thys Trio @ Foyer du Junglingshaus, Eupen, Belgium

10 : Matthis Pascaud @ La Gare, Paris

21, 22, 23 : Matthis Pascaud residency @ Seine Musicale, Boulogne Billancourt

27 : Meta “Incurve Life” CD Release @ Institut du Monde Arab, Paris


1 : Nicolas Moreaux @ Baiser Salé, Paris

15 : Sonia Cat Berro @ Sunset, Paris

16 : Toine Thys Trio @ Jazz Station, Brussels

21 : Cobra Fantastic @ Les Disquaires, Paris

26 : Sofie Sorman @ Sunside, Paris


2 : Matthis Pascaud “Clap Clap” CD Release @ Studio de L’Ermitage, Paris

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