My bandcamp page just got updated!

I just updated my bandcamp page. It's got a fresh new look. Plus I've added links so you can order physical copies of my previous albums Streaming and The Halfway Tree. Check it out:

Speaking of bandcamp, you can also order the newly released "Inhale/Exhale" by The Watershed in my formats: CD, vinyl or digital.

The Watershed

I'm a member of a great band called The Watershed alongside Christophe Panzani, Pierre Perchaud and Tony Paeleman. Our debut recording, "Inhale/Exhale" will be released January 22nd on the label that we created, Shed Music and distributed by Absilone / Socadisc. It will be available digitally / CD / vinyl. You can contact me to get a copy. I suggest you check out our website for more information and to listen to some samples of our music. 

Our website is:

Our new video (made by Simon Tailleu) is now up on Youtube:




Hello and welcome to my brand new website. Enjoy!

Midseason is the name of my newest CD which will be released soonish. More about that in due time… The music features two incredible vocalists: Sienna Dahlen & Denzal Sinclaire. A good portion of this CD was recorded at a studio I've grown very close to over the past few years, the Studio des Bruères near Poitiers, France. It couldn't have been done without the skills of a good friend, incredible musician and very talented engineer, Tony Paeleman. Over the past few years I've been very inspired by the music of Nate Wood. I feel very fortunate to have had him master this CD. While you wait for this music to see the light of day you can listen to three tracks in the "Listen" section. 

I'm really happy to be part of a great band called Watershed with Christophe Panzani, Pierre Perchaud and Tony Paeleman. It's a communal group with a strong emphasis on improvisation. We recorded a few months ago and that album will also be released in the not-too-distant future.