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Christophe Panzani - tenor sax / bass clarinet
Tony Paeleman - keyboards
Pierre Perchaud - guitar
Karl Jannuska - drums / percussion

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Recorded live @ Studio Soult 25/06/2018
Digital release 08/05/2019

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Available on CD, vinyl & digital
Released 26/01/2016

Literally, a watershed is a turning point - a decisive moment when everything changes. With improvisation at the forefront and each member playing an equal role of leader and sideman, this band is that key moment of departure and new beginnings.

The four major figures that make up the band are at the helm of the new French Jazz scene having appeared together and / or separately in a number of landmark projects of the past fifteen years. They came together for the first time in 2015 with a single instruction: give free rein to all ideas and desires. Reinforced by mutual admiration and trust in one another, spontaneity, risk, fragility, rage and beauty best characterise their music made in the moment.

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